Department of Health Management
Qing Zhang
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Name: Qing Zhang 

Position::Deputy Director of Health Management Department, Master Instructor, Associate Chief  Nurse


Department: Department of Nursing , Department of Health Management




Personal profile:

Master of  Education , Wuhan University School of  Education.

Teaching Curriculum:<Fundamental Nursing>,<Introduction of Nursing>,<Nursing Career Planning>,<Nursing  Innovation and Entrepreneurship >.

Research Interests:Elderly Care, Group Psychological Counseling


Main Subjects of  Research :

Evaluation and Intervention Study on Quality of Life of Aged Patients with Senile Dementia,2016,Nursing School research project,Project Manager.

A Study on the Intervention of Group Counseling to Improve the Professional Maturity of Young Nurses,2015,Wuhan University research project,Project Participator.

The Design and Implementation of Student Activity Curriculum for Medical Students,2014,Wuhan University research project,Project Manager.

Research on the Intervention Study of Improving the Care Ability of Medical Freshmen by Using Group Counseling,2013,Wuhan University research project,Project Manager.

Practice and Research on Basic Course of Nursing Based on Blackboard Platform,2010,Wuhan University research project,Project Manager.

Intervention Study on Group Career Counseling in Nursing Freshmen 's Learning Adaptability,2010,Hubei Province research project,Project Manager.

Reform and Research on the Teaching System of Experiment and Practice of Nursing Specialty,2009,Hubei Province research project,Project Manager.



Representative Works:

Editor-in-chief,<Nursing Plan and Implementation>,Wuhan university press ,2006.

Participator,<Nursing Ethics>,Higher Education Press,2003.

Participator,<Bioethics>,Wuhan university press ,2007.

Participator,<Job-hunting Skills for Nurse>,Beijing Science and Technology Press,2008.


Published Journal Articles:

1 Du Li,Mao Hongbo, Zhang Qing Investigation on Occupational Maturity of Newly - enrolled Nurses and Its Influencing Factors.[J].Chinese Journal of Modern Nursing,2016,07.

2 Zhang Qianqian,Zhang Qing,Wang Yanan Effect of Group Counseling on Loneliness and Attachment in Elderly.[J].Nursing Research,2016,09.

3 Zhang Qing,Qian Yi,Sun Tingting  Design and Implementation of Student Guidance Program for Medical Students' Employment Guidance.[J],Nursing Research,2016,08.

4 Ke Jian,Zhang Qing  A Study on the Relationship between Negative Emotions of College Students and Coping Styles and Menstruation.[J].Nursing Research,2016,02.

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7 Chen Qiuxing,Zhang Qing,Zhao Ya Effect of Comprehensive Nursing Intervention on Sleep Quality of Elderly in Elderly.[J].Nursing Research,2013,05.

8 Du Li,Zhang Qing,Xiao Jingjing A Study on the Relationship between Time Management Disposition and General Self - efficacy and Anxiety in Nursing Undergraduates.[J].Chinese Journal of Nursing,2012,05.