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Yanqun Liu(lecturer)
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Yanqun Liu, PHD,RN

119 Donghu Road, Wuchang, Wuhan, Hubei, China 430071

027-68759710 (work)

Educational Background

9/2003 -6/2007 Wuhan University, Bachelor Degree

9/2007-12/2012 Wuhan University , PhD

8/2011-8/2012 Case Western Reserve University, Joint-PhD Program

Professional Employment

2/2013 to Present Wuhan University School of Health Sciences, Assistant Professor

Founded Projects (PI)

2015-2016 The development and evaluation of a health educational model for postpartum women, Wuhan University Young Scholar funding,Number:No.307410500002,¥50,000

2015-2018 The development of Nursing research course in English, Wuhan University courses developing funding,Number:3074118000123.¥30,000

2016-2017 Dispositions and changes of the gut microbiota in the developing stages of infants and the impacts on the infants obesity, Wuhan University HOPE School of Nursing Funding, Number:30750001,¥100,000

2017-2018 The relationships between the gut microbiota in early life and the infants obesity, Hubei Province Scientific Funding,¥50,000

2017-2019 The construction of health promotion model of centering pregnancy based on internet and evaluation, Humanities and social science project of Ministry of Education, Number: 17YJCZH113, ¥80,000

Publication (In recent 3 years)

[1] Liu, Y. Q., Maloni, J. A., Petrini, M. A. Effect of postpartum practices of Doing the month on Chinese women’s physical and psychological health. Biological Research for Nursing, 2014,16(1):55-63.

[2]Liu,Y. Q., Petrini, M.A., Maloni, J.A. “Doing the month”: Postpartum practices in Chinese women.Nursing & Health Science, 2015, 17(1):5-14.

[3] Liu ,Y. Q., Liu, Y, Hua, Y., Chen ,X. L. Effect of Diet and Exercise Intervention in Chinese Pregnant Women on Gestational Weight Gain and Perinatal Outcomes: A quasi-experimental study. Applied Nursing Research, 2017, 36. 50-56

[4] Yuan, C. L., Liu, Y. Q*, Liu G.H. The effect of Centering Pregnancy model on Chinese pregnant women’s birth outcomes. Journal of Nursing Sciences (In Chinese), 2017, 32,27-29

[5] Liu Y. Q., Wang Y. Dispositions and changes of the gut microbiota among pregnant women: a systematic review. In writing

International Presentation

Liu Yanqun(2012) “Doing the month: Chinese postpartum practice”, The Annual Conference of MNRS, Dearborn, USA

Liu Yan Qun (2012) Chinese nurses’ attitude toward patient and family centered care. International Conference on Patient-and Family-centered Care ,2012, Washington, D.C., USA

Course Taught

2013- Present Nursing Research for undergraduate students in Wuhan University

2013-Present Health Assessment for undergraduate students in Wuhan University

2014-Present Evidence-based Nursing for master students in Wuhan University