Department of Nursing
Wang Xiaoqin (Lecturer)
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Name: Xiaoqin Wang

Title: Lecturer

Degree: PhD

Department: Nursing



Brief description and research interest

I am interested in psychiatric and mental health research.




Wang. X.Q., Lambert C.E. & Lambert V.A. (2007). Anxiety,depression and coping strategies in post-hysterectomy Chinese women prior to discharge. International Nursing Review 54,271-279

Wang. X.Q., Petrini. M., Morisky. D.E. (2016). Comparison of the quality of life, perceived stigma and medication adherence of Chinese with schizophrenia: A follow-up study. Archives of Psychiatric Nursing. 301: 41-46.

Wang. X.Q., Petrini. M., Morisky. D.E. (2016). Predictors of quality of life among Chinese people with schizophrenia. Nursing and Health Sciences.DOI: 10.1111/nhs.12286