Department of Global Health
Zongfu Mao(Professor)
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Name: Zongfu Mao/Ph.D, Professor

Sex: Male

Date of Birth: July 21, 1964

Current Position: Dean of the school of Public Health, Wuhan University

                               Director of Wuhan University global health institute

Address: School of Public Health, Wuhan University

              No 185 Donghu Road, Wuhan, Hubei Province 430071, P. R. China

Telephone: +86 (27) 6875-8775(H)

Fax: +86 (27) 6875-8648(O)




 Sept., 2001 — Dec., 2007: Doctoral Student(Doctor’s degree),Medical Center, Wuhan University

Sept., 1997 — Dec., 2000: Graduate Student (Master’s degree),Medical Center, Wuhan University

Sept., 1983 — Jul, 1987:  Undergraduate Student (Bachelor’s degree), Department of mathematics and statistics,East China Normal University, Shanghai



Jun., 2011 — present: Director, Wuhan University global health institute

May, 2007 — present: Dean, School of Public Health, Wuhan University

Jun., 2001 — Apr., 2007: Deputy Dean, School of Public Health, Wuhan University

Oct., 1998 — present:  Professor,School of Public Health, Wuhan University 

Mar., 2009 — Aug., 2011: Vice Mayor, Xianning City County Hubei Province, P.R.China

(In Charge of Science and Technology Bureau and Health Bureau of Xianning City)

Feb., 2003 — Dec., 2003: Associate Magistrate, Hongan County Hubei Province, P.R.China

(In Charge of Education Bureau and Health Bureau of Hongan County)

Jul., 1987— Aug., 2000:  Assistant, Lecturer, Associate Professor, Basic Medical College of Hubei Medical University

(Hubei Medical University Merged Wuhan University in 2000)



1. Member of the National People’s Congress, China.

2. Standing Council Member of Hubei Provincial of Chinese People’s Polictial Consultative Conference.)

3. Vice President, China Medical Statistics Education Society.

4. Committeman and Secretary-general, China Pharmacoepidemiology Society.

5. Member of Editor Committee, Medical Journal of Chinese People Health.

6. Member of Editor Committee, Chinese Journal of Health Quality Management.

7. Associate Editor, Chinese Journal of Pharmaco-Epidemiology.

8. Member of Editor Committee, Chinese Journal of Epidemiology.


Achievements in Scientific Research (2000~2011)


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