We Sing, We Dance: A Look into the Student Original Music Concert
Date:2015-12-04  Clicks:

No high wind was ever cold enough to freeze our passion for music. On November 22nd, a special concert celebrating the 15th anniversary of the foundation of the Original Music Associations was held in WHU. More than 1000 students were attracted to the stunning audio-visual feast.

The concert opened with a brief introduction about the Original Music Association, one of the most popular student clubs in WHUthat has gathered hundreds of music lovers. Now, there are about 120 members in the association in charge of all art performance and singing contests on campus. They are also known for publishing the original music albums, Luoying 1 and Luoying 2, named Luojia Mountain and the symbol of our university—the cherry blossom. Those melodies, composed by our own musicians, have reminded our alumni of their beautiful memories on campus.

To Li Peiyu, it was also a special day. That was not only because he sang the opening song of the concert with an experienced singer Wang Xukun, but also because it was his 18th birthday. As a freshman majoring in Chemistry, he won the third place in this year’s WHU New Voice Competition. The thin boy wearing a pair of glasses turned out to be so glamorous when he started to sing the classic “Home under the Cherry Trees”.

For Duan Changbo, the stage was a place as comfortable as home. He has been performing on campus since he was an undergraduate. Now studying for his Master’s in the School of Journalism and Communication, he was still warmly welcomed by the audience every time he appeared on the stage. When he taught listeners to sing one line of the song he wrote called “Cause You Know”, the concert reached its climax.

“Zhang Keru is so handsome! He has such a wonderful voice! ” Zhu Zhu, a student from the Economics and Management School said with excitement, referring to another well-known campus singer. Unlike her, her classmate Joy Yang, who accompanied her to the concert and was sitting in the front row, did not know much about those student singers. What fascinated her was their music. “I really love the songs they wrote! Every piece of them! Luoying is my favorite, and the rhythm keeps lingering in my head."

Two hours was too short for the appreciation of music, though twenty songs have been performed by fourteen singers. Yang Minhao, the president of the Original Music Association, was quite satisfied with the concert. “We have been preparing for about one month. What impressed me most was that whenever we invited our old members back, they always showed their great willingness and support. WHUers from every corner of the world are really connected by the music we’ve created.” 

(Edited by Liu  Yinglun & Sijia Hu)