An Experiment: to Observe Wuhhan University in Late Autumn
Date:2015-12-14  Clicks:


To observe the changes undergoing Wuhan University in autumn




Ginkgo leaves

Paper Mulberry


Step1: measure environmental conditions

Time: a late autumn midday

Temperature: 2~10 degrees centigrade

Sunlight:the warm sunlight illuminates the Luojia Mountain.

Air humidity:90%

Step2: add Ginkgo

Scatter thousands of golden Ginkgo leaves to cover the path.

Step3: add Paper Mulberry

A verdant Paper Mulberry branch stands upright and showcases the vigor and vitality of Wuhan University and WHUers.


Step4: select observation point

The roof of Wanlin Art Museum offers a broad view of Wuhan University at a new height.



A depth of diverse tints renders the clear hues of fall against Peacock blue roof of the Old Stud. The azure sky is as immaculate as the students’ pursuits for knowledge. 

(Edited by Liu Yinglun & Sijia Hu)