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Editorial board panel of Global Health Research and Policy was held
Date:2017-11-14  Clicks:

On October 26,the editorial board panel of global health research and policy was held.Prof.Yu Xuejie,dean of Wuhan University school of Health Sciences , Executive Editors-in-chief MaoZongfu , Prof. Chen Xinguang, prof. Lu Yuanan,managing editor prof. Wang Peigang, associate prof.Li Hao,and all the board members participated the panel.

WangNan,the editor of global health research and policy,made a report based on the quarterly report of the journal. She introduced the basic operation process and reported the contribution amount, the average time of peer review and the bottleneck which are urgently needed to break through to all the board members. At the meeting, the editorial board members discussed on the relevant questions, and suggestions were put forward as well. Prof. Chen Xinguang and Prof. Lu Yuanan, shared their precious experience according to their participation of journal work, and also proposed many feasible schemes for the journal development in the future. They emphasized again that editorial board is the core for journal development and the editorial office must make full use of the personal connections, expanding the influence of the journal as much as possible.

Yu Xuejie,dean of Wuhan University School of Health Sciences,gave a guideline to this panel and placed great expectations on journal development. He said that under the fierce competition at the current stage, the editorial board must be with team spirit, initiative consciousness and high sense of responsibility. Everyone should actively participate in interchange activities so as to solve the problem specifically, bringing the journal into ahigher level.

The success of the editorial board panel specified the journal goals and plans of next stage and blazes a new path for journal development.