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CEO of Taikang Community met MPH freshmen
Date:2017-10-09  Clicks:

“Hope all of you here can cherish this opportunity to become the first generation of Taikang outstanding talents of health management in the future which cultivated by young students.”On September 22th,Mr.Liu Tingjun,CEO of Taikang Community,met our MPH freshmen and sent affectionate words to them.

The distinguished guests visited together with Mr. Liu are Ji Qiongxiao,President Assistant of Taikang Community (Beijing)Investment well as General Manager of Business Development Center in wuhan, Cui Hongying,Director of Human Resources of Taikang Community,Zeng Shengqin,Manager of Human Resources Department,Yang Jie,Manager of ChuYuanResidential Care Facility of Taikang Community, Xie Zhiyi,Vice President of Taikang Tongji Hospital (wuhan), Liu Li,Assistant Manager of Planning and Development Department of Taikang Community.Dr.Hu Jiming,Secretary of the Party Committee of School of Health Sciences,Ms.Xiao Haiyan,Vice Dean of Wuhan University School of Health Sciences attended this forum on behalf of the School.The forum was hosted by Guo Minglei,the director of Beijing Research Institute of Wuhan University.

“We will work diligently with a loving heart, to contribute to the development of Taikang, and to promote the development of China's great health undertakings.” Student representative Wu Yingxue made a speech,“We sincerely thank our teachers for their dedication and we will work hard to make our dreams come true. ”

Dr.Hu Jiming extended his congratulations to the class of 2017 part-time MPH students to pass their interviewand encourage them to seize the opportunity and achieve their life ideals. He said“We will continue to promote the cooperation with Taikang Community,to making more contributions to the development of health industry”.

CEO Liu expressed heartfelt gratitude to the support of our school.Meanwhile,he introduced the concept and the background of Taikang Community,especially focused on the four-in-one core strategies“Vitality old-aged pension, high-end medical care, outstanding financial management, ultimate concern”. He retrospect the days he studied andspent in Wuhan University and inspired students by the saying “spend your lifetime to do one thing and try to make it the best.”and“Aim for the highest, down-to-earth.”He asked them to take this oppprtunity to acquire knowledge as much as possible.Besides,they were also inspired to make full use of all kinds of resources to improve personal ability and bring out the talent into full playforthe great project of health industry development.

During the strategic period of building “Healthy China”, our school is actively promoting the cooperation with Taikang Community.As a great example, this time,School of Health Science,Human Resources Department of Taikang Community and Health Industry Education College of Taikang Community launched the selection of excellent part-time MPH students for the class of 2017 together.