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Yonglin Ye ,who received an offer from Harvard University
Date:2016-03-16  Clicks:


Just at the begining of the new term, Yonglin Ye ,who is a graduate majoring in global health at WHU,received an offer from Harvard University.Meanwhile, he also received offers from The university of Washington、Emory University and University of Michigan.From his experience,studying abroad is a natural choice. During the period of being undergraduate, He has been to dozens of countries, read lots of English fictions, published 4 core journal papers, been a exchange student at DKU ,taken charge of TEDxWHU and so on.


Global Health which was established in 2012 first recruited eight students including Yonglin Ye, four of them are going abroad, three are going to seek a master’s degree, one has been hired by an NGO.So why does this newly-built major make so much achivements? The international talent training mode is the answer.


Currently, the college has been established the cross-border, multi-level, comprehensive network with 14 internationally renowned universities in America,Asia and Africa to seek international cooperation, thus adding the chance for undergraduate students to study abroad. Teaching content and teaching models and international standards. Currently one-third professional courses are all-English teaching, 1/3 are bilingual teaching, 1/4 professional courses use original English textbooks.


In addition, the college has set up special funds to encourage students and teachers to participate in international conferences and training .There is a regulation that if a student participates in joint training of University of Hawaii , the college will fund1 round-trip international air tickets. Currently, the Institute has completed the first round of the hospital young teachers overseas Wheel repair program, some teachers began a second round of training.