Message from the Dean
Dec 29, 2015


Dear students, welcome to join the big family of School of Public Health, Wuhan University.


Founded in June, 2001, School of Public Health is one of the youngest, dynamic and booming schools in Wuhan University. At present, the school has formed a talent cultivation feature of “Internationalization, inter-discipline and innovative practice”. All the full-time teachers, among whom one-hundred percent are doctoral degree holders and ninety-six percent have studied abroad, will be your helpful teachers as well as friends during your studying years, or even longer. Here, I just want to share with you three ideas.


Firstly,in this big family, you must have a dream. A person with dreams is hopeful and constantly motivated to keep forward. As you have chosen the School of Public Health, I believe you have also chosen to dedicate your youth and intelligence to the cause of public health for our country, the society as well as the human being. You have to be ready to resist the loneliness of longtime experiments and to fight SARS, mad cow disease, bird flu, Ebola, etc. at anytime. Are you ready? Now that you are here, just let the dream to take root, sprout and grow ever after.


Secondly, in this big family, you must work hard. In the summer of 2013, a father and a daughter, who were both in academic dresses, were photographed in the graduation ceremony of our school, leaving the moment one of the most beautiful scenery in the graduation season of Wuhan University. Both the father, Tang Lijun and the daughter, Tang Yumeng, have dedicated themselves to the cause of national public health. They encouraged each other in study, helped each other in scientific research. They finished their study in the same time and impressed Luojia Hill with a touching and beautiful story. Through persistence efforts, you will understand that the goals distant before are actually not far away—they are close at hand. It is said that “the shortest answer is doing the thing”; it is the same case in study. Now that a day can be spent in humdrum waiting and it can also be spent in hard working, please choose the latter.


Thirdly, in this big family, you must be grateful. A senior of you–Sang Shuping, who is the first doctor of Nu nationality and a graduate of the School of Public Health, Wuhan University, is very grateful. She gave up the job offer of the inshore developed cities and resolutely chose to go back to Yunnan, where she was born and raised, to teach in Yunnan University, to organize the School of Public Health of Yunnan University and to dedicate her youth to the health cause of her hometown. If you are grateful, you’ll understand your parents better. They, for the first time ever, send you to the distant provincial capital to study, enduring the loneliness brought by the leave of children, and every time you need money, they’ll remit money in full amount to you without caring how hard to make them. If you are grateful, you’ll feel that the rigor or earnest suggestions of the teachers are anything but “sacred horse” or “floating clouds”, instead they are necessary helping hands on your way to success, which help you to go steadily and see higher and farther. If you are grateful, you’ll be appreciate that you are living in a good era, which provides you the condition to sit in spacious and bright classrooms and listen to lectures carefully or discuss with classmates heatedly without distractions.


“The day will come, I will ride the wind and skim the waves; with sails bent high, I will cross the ocean and benefit the people”. I believe that if you fight for your dream and give back to others and the society with gratefulness, you live up to the expectation of the university, the era and the School of Public Health!